Our Common Place

Within my extensive “Hong Kong Story” collection, the segment “Our Common Place” holds a special place. This part of the collection seeks to capture the essence of Hong Kong culture, a task I approached with both curiosity and reverence.

As I pondered how to best represent the diverse cultural fabric of Hong Kong, I realized that the daily leisure life of its people was a window into the soul of the city. To capture this, I embarked on a journey through Hong Kong, photographing people’s everyday activities from a respectful distance, ensuring I did not intrude on their moments.

There’s a common misconception that Hong Kong, often described as a concrete jungle, lacks cultural depth. Through “Our Common Place,” I aimed to dispel this notion. My journey revealed that cultural richness is woven into the very fabric of the city — in the bustling streets, the quiet corners, the laughter, and the routines of its inhabitants. These elements are present all around us; we only need to observe closely to appreciate them.

This segment of the collection is more than just a series of images; it’s an invitation to see Hong Kong through a different lens, to recognize and celebrate the everyday cultural nuances that make this city uniquely vibrant.