The Starting Point

“Hong Kong Story” is one of the most extensive collections in my creative journey, divided into several segments: “Starting Point,” “Our Common Place,” “Hong Kong Scene,” “What is Hong Konger,” and “As Usual, As Always.” This collection is inspired by, yet distinct from, the famous exhibition in Hong Kong’s History Museum, which chronicles the city’s transformation from a British colony to a bustling economic hub. Notably, the museum’s narrative has remained unchanged due to political reasons.

In 2020, I embarked on a personal mission to write my own ‘story’ of Hong Kong, aiming to leave a legacy for future generations. The series begins with “Starting Point,” where I revisit the origins of Hong Kong — its farms and fishing villages. I discovered that these foundational elements of our city are often overlooked by both the government and the public, who are primarily focused on the stock market. However, I believe that these are the roots of our identity.

In “Starting Point,” I engage with the elderly farmers and fishermen, striving to capture the essence of their lives. These interactions are not just about documenting the overlooked aspects of Hong Kong but also about communicating the importance of our origins. Through my lens, I aim to bring attention to these vital yet neglected parts of our city’s history and identity.