The “City is Still Dancing” is a collection of nightscapes around Savannah. For centuries night was meant to be complete darkness and the cessation of all human activity, and I found this was incorrect while driving to Los Angles for a road trip. The night city presents a different power, a mysterious but romantic side of the town, just like dancing the Waltz at night.

These images focus on human activity at night instead of the quiet side we all recognize. It is not hard to find out what people are doing at that moment inside these photos showing the difference between day and nighttime. These works mainly focus on the mundane scenes that we are familiar with in daily life, such as gas stations, diners, and laundromats. My vantage point maintains a little bit of distance between the subject and the camera, showing you the inside and outside of the place. I chose to pint these 4×5 films on a relatively large scale so the audience can easily read the details.

When talking about nighttime photography, Stieglitz’s New York nightscapes is the one we always mention. They always show a sense of loneliness and silence. However, I found out that Commuter town in the US isn’t as dull as the big city. However, it presents a different scene of energy, a very gentle one. Unlike in my hometown Hong Kong, the night is always busy and rapid. You can hardly breathe. Inside Savannah, people are chilling around the city is very comfortable. It’s like the city dancing to the Waltz in front of my camera. Two books also influence me “SUMMER NIGHTS, WALKING” by Robert Adams and “Nightscapes” by Hatje Cantz. I would also like to follow in their footsteps to present my
Nightscapes of Savannah.

I hope you will be reacquainted with the nighttime of Savannah and appreciate those who are still working for us at night. The city is still dancing with a unique rhythm.